Ooops! I did it again…..  (・_・;)

I wandered into the kitchen to get a snack, and was completely distracted by the surrounding dots, lines, planes, shapes, and textures….  Not a moment wasted, I started snapping with my iPhone. What just happened here? The kitchen did not change. In fact, I haven’t cleaned it up for several days now…  But suddenly, my visual sensory is super sensitive now…. I am NOTICing things… these things… called design elements!!

I imported the pictures to my Mac, and started identifying … this is pattern, this is texture, no…, wait, that is variety, and this is pattern…. hmmm, can this be both pattern and movement?  Hey, did I just kill two birds with 1 stone?!!

A quick chat with Cris the next day brought clarity. You see, I was supposed to have a clear target first before I hunt for the object, hence, the ‘safari’!! e.g. I should put a target on my radar, say, pattern, and then put on my night-vision to find an object that represents pattern.  No problem, here we go…..

Let’s see…. refrigerator, what’s in there….?

voilà, a dozen eggs…! alRIGHT!!!

Pattern !!

Pattern !!

Now, I’m on my way…. to design…!

wordleElements2This assignment turned out to be a lot of fun paying attention to the surrounding objects, taking pictures, trying out the lighting, flash-on, flash-off, zoom…?

Ah… don’t forget the Rule of Thirds, the Rule of Perspective,….

The Oatmeal for YinYang Balance is a play of positioning myself and the angle of iphone in my hand. Wallwisher does not seem to accommodate vertical image, and it rotates my original to a horizontal image yielding a sunrise effect. Here is the original.

Play with positioning myself and my iPhone.

Play with positioning myself and my iPhone.

Emphasis: Vaseline effect to bring out the center.

Emphasis: Vaseline effect to bring out the center.

I was very pleased to acquire the Vaseline effect on the circumference of the Barley. Can you guess how I accomplished that?

effect from shift the angle again

effect from shifting the angle again … slowly

Another interesting kaleidoscope effect on the Barley.

a creamy texture!

a creamy, yet chunky texture!


Pattern ?

I really like the creamy, yet chunky texture on the guacamole, although it didn’t make it to my wall – because texture is not one of the 10 elements! So I am sharing it here.

A sprig of cilantro would have been a nice garnish to add some lively green to it.

Another vertical image that Wallwisher decides to rotate to horizontal.  So  it is left off the wall.

I am displaying it here for reference.

Is it still a pattern that the holders are not all occupied with bottles?

I must have taken 50 shots trying to capture the split nanosecond of water drops leaving the faucet on its way to the white bowl. Can you hear the rhythm too? It was surreal-ly zen-like!

The white bowl does not do any justice to the actual splatter caused by the force of the tiny water drops. Perhaps a blue glass bowl next time…. If you look (/listen) very closely, you can see (/hear) the tiny ripples it creates.

I got rhythm, I got music, who can ask for anything more…?

I am almost done… two more to go…

Movement… movement… what’s moving in my kitchen…

Aha! Got it!! Flame!! Of course !!!

The most primitive energy…fire!! I need it to cook! The flame heads upwards, always! To capture it, I tried a few shots during the day, and again later at night.

natural light from window

Daytime, natural light from window.

Rule of Thirds!!!

I got it!!

At Night, with peripheral light from the far left.

At Night, with peripheral light from the far left.

Up, up, and away… !!!

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life… dig in the Dancing Flame

I must say that I like the effect at night, with a soft peripheral light from far left behind me. I also decided that the flash light must be turned off, otherwise, it white-washes the beautiful purple center… and yields a pale sheen on the grill. (Ugh.. who needs THAT!)

in darkness

In darkness.

With all the lights gone, in complete darkness. The flame looks a little eerie to me. The surrounding lacks definition.

Proportion is the last one I worked on…

I was planning to stop by the local market and rearrange some of the fruits in the produce section for the effect … but … suddenly (literally … as I am typing this….), here is the result! (I don’t use these measuring cups often, almost forgot that I have them.)



Last but not least, please indulge me a little for explaining the 8 Treasures Soup.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, food makes natural tonics to good health when you prepare it right. The “Eight Treasures Soup”  is a dessert or snack which is consumed like winter tonic food on wintry days such as Winter Solstice and Chinese New Year.  The original recipe calls for eight ingredients.  The number eight is a lucky number in the Chinese culture.    Different versions of the eight treasures yield different properties for healing.  But essentially, it is all about balancing the energy (i.e. qi or chi, as we know it in U.S. ) and boost immune power. Key ingredients include red bean, red dates, lotus seeds, longan, sweet rice, millet (I used Brown Rice), Orange Peel, and brown rock sugar.  Some call it “Eight Treasures Congee” because of the inclusion of sweet rice and millet or brown rice.

The journey from ingredients to center piece.

The journey from ingredients to center piece.

I first arranged the 8 treasures in small cups for the pattern elements. Then added them to the boiling water which calmed the water down. Brought it to a boil again – this was captured with a series of boils that were intensified progressively – yielding the graduation effect. To achieve the visual effect of graduation, the photos were carefully re-sized, and the spaces between the photos also grow with the size of each photo.  Two Wallwisher posts were used to extend the length, i.e. denoting the ‘journey‘. The final outcome was placed in the center of the happy circle along with the 7 accompanying ingredients (one of ingredients was depleted in the journey //_o\). On hind sight, I should probably have taken a close up on the soup alone as the grand finale.  Nonetheless, Bon Appetit!

Enjoy my wall, iDesign . . .