Critical Reflection on Creative Activism

Whenever we hear the word activism, we typically associate it with some political or social issues.

Activism is the doctrine or practice of vigorous action or involvement as a means of achieving political or other goals, sometimes by demonstrations, protests, etc. (
And if we prefix it with ‘creative’, we tend to associate it with creative people, such as filmmakers, photographers, artists, designers, digital media practitioners etc. (
For our team project, I was trying to identify something other than the above stereotypes. I wanted it to be more appealing to our everyday life, for everyone, something reasonably easy to achieve.  I like Dr. Crissman’s BlueBird House inspiration, and I appreciate our fellow classmates’ Arbor Day initiative.
The Reversed Graffiti is a scalable idea. It can be as huge as what we saw from the Google Search results:
Or, as manageable as cleaning a neighborhood’s abandoned wall, kind of like Candy Chang’s  ‘Before I die‘ wall in New Orleans. (
The other idea that I had was inspired by a popular video where the hell is Matt‘.  The creative activism of which is dancing badly with Matt.  What attracted me most about this idea is that one does not have to be a good dancer so that everyone can be comfortable participating.
I think Matt did a good job connecting with different cultures around the world.  So next time when I travel, I might just follow his footstep and  try to do this silly dance with the local people, to make our interaction more meaningful and fun. Imagine… if half of the travelers around the world would do this on a daily basis, what will that be like….?… !! Maybe, world peace will not just be a Miss America’s slogan.
In the process of making the video documentary, I pushed myself to try different things. First of all, the very uncomfortable (to me) selfie – my arms are simply not long enough to take in a better view. I was simply not able to film myself doing the scrubbing work.  I had to make some decision while cutting out most of the uncomfortable scenes and keeping just a few seconds of the remaining. Secondly, in iMovie, I tried to edit a sequence of my ‘artwork’ to illustrate the time lapse  (i.e. waiting overnight). It was a great learning opportunity for experimenting the video functions. I was getting more comfortable with iMovie, and did not encounter too much difficulty. I was happy with the end result. Check it out and let me know what you think –

2 thoughts on “Critical Reflection on Creative Activism

  1. Hey, if you ever want to organize a flash mob to dance at different places in the Triangle — you’ve got my Twitter handle 😉 I would be like Matt, off-beat but enthusiastically giving it all I’ve got.

    Really like the editing you did to show the creation of the motivational slogan on your driveway. Dissolves create feeling of action.

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