Critical Reflection on Meaning

Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, and relationships, and generate meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations.”

‘Meaningfulness’ is the element that makes something interesting, and thus, adds value.

When I was working on the Roots and Wings project, images of the videos that I took in my classes flashed back. It struck me that those were the ‘play’ moments Thomas and Brown were referring to that brings out so much energy to share knowledge and to participate.  I found a good use of those old clips where they add meaning the point I was making.

The series of Web 2.0 tools that I included in the project were from one of the training programs that I presented. The intention of incorporating them in my bookcast video is to make a point that these tools are abundant, that we cannot possibly teach every one of them nor do we need to. The students are developing the skills to learn new tools on their own. From the comments during studio time, I realized that I made a common error of forgetting ‘more is not necessarily better’.

‘JDLR’ is another comment I got that referred to the bullet points that I used to showcase the 3 key points of my book response. I thought about adding pictures or video to convey the 1. play, 2. how to fish, and 3. collectives, but the schedule did not allow me to do so. However, had I been able to, I would probably still keep the text and the imagery. A visual-and-text combo is what I, personally,  need to learn and remember. Whether I am reading a book, listening to a speech, watching a TED talk, it helps me when I scribble notes to register the key points   into my head. When I hear a new word that people use, my typical reaction is ‘how do you spell that?‘ Then I will air-write it on my palm to ‘see’ the text, because it helps me remember it. That is the same reasoning when I decided to have 3 simple slides of key bullet points. Adding some imagery alongside would be a good idea.

Understanding the connection of meaning and creativity, I would like to share with you some of my favorite Meaningful Creativity from Art and Design.

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