What am I grateful for?

What am I grateful for?

The answer to this depends on when it is asked, and it fluctuates according to where you are in your journey of life.  Very few of us have the wisdom to be grateful when life throws us a curve ball. Some of us, when looking back, may see the positive effects many years later.

Louis Schwartzberg’s yoga-and-meditation-style speech awakened my senses. I have so taken it for granted and suddenly, I am grateful for my eyes that helped me receive 80% of the information, and for my ears that give me the gift of hearing the nature, and listening to the knowledgeable voices in my life.

I studied in two convent schools before college. The most rebellious thing that I have ever done in my life was to be baptized in a Catholic church!  I grew up in a protestant family! When sending us off on the graduation day, Mother Superior reminded us that we should take it upon ourselves to bridge the two cultures of east and west. Those words stuck with me since then.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be taught by the nuns who were inspiring and kind. I am grateful for the opportunity to immigrate to this country and slowly grapple the idea of bridging the two cultures.

The Chinese word for interesting is 有意思, which literally means, ‘has meaning’.  For something to be ‘interesting’, it ought to ‘have meaning’.  If it does not have meaning, it must not be interesting. I am grateful that I always seem to have meaningful and interesting jobs in my career.


Someone told me once that I will not run out of guardian angels in my life and that they will appear when I need them the most. I do believe that angels come in and out of our lives as we need them. I am very grateful for all the angels who did appear in some of my hardest moments in life, and for those who will in the future. It is them who give me hope, faith, and confidence to take the next step.

It was, however, Dr. Brian Weiss, who first introduced me to the idea of Same Soul, Many Bodies, and Only Love is Real.

Sharing one of my spiritual enlightening moments that always helps me put things in perspectives. I am genuinely grateful for stumbling into one of his books in the library the year that marked a turning point in my life.

(No need to start from the beginning, use this URL to jump to the 8m20s marker directly. ) http://youtu.be/2BVJfAXp_Hc?t=8m20s

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