Must consider sound effects !!!


I felt pretty good after I completed the Shoe Story even though it seemed like it was a painful experience battling with one of  SoundCloud’s links to be embedded on the post.  I was pleased with the purity and cleanness of the audio which matches the student who was doing the storytelling.

But after the Studio session, I have learned to see the production from another angle. Going with the original idea of a sort-of-a radio show interviewing a budding media-artist, a jingle in the beginning annoSoundEffects5uncing the start of the program and a musical fade-out at the end for a closure would have been a nice finishing touch.

As the story teller speaks of the crowd in the mall, I could add some hustle-sound-effects1bustle crowd sound in the background to set the atmosphere.


Even when the story gets to the point about tossing out the old shoes, I could think of a way to record and incorporate the sounds of a garbage truck engine approaching, braking, the movement of the mechanical ‘arm’ reaching out from the truck grabbing the trash can,  and finally leaving. That will certainly bring some life to part 1.  garbageTruck

Part 2 of the interview is more of the storyteller’s own reflection on his work.  Will sound or music be effective there?  I cannot think of any appropriate sound to be added to the background, but perhaps a couple measures of light music in between to allow some breathing or thinking space for the audience.

sound-effects2Jenn’s series of audio clips documenting her day with her daughter is very enlightening.  I have learned that it is a very organic style of telling a story, yet it conveys so much even though some tracks are just pure sound of what’s happening in the surrounding without anyone talking, such as the dishing washing, the baby crying ….

Sound – is a wonderful element! Must consider sounds in the next project.


(Darn it, I just thought about this…, should have presented this reflection in an audio clip and added some sound effects…. That would have been great lesson learned! )

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